Stockholm, Sweden - 2013

City of Stockholm



Kristineberg Slottspark is placed in the city of Stockholm and is a large area containing the Castle of Kristineberg, Kristineberg School, the park and apartment blocks. 

As a plan to renovate the area, MONSTRUM was asked to design some playgrounds on an long, narrow area near the school and the park. The desire was to modernise and spark new life and energy to the park, in a plan to attract more families to the park, which had been neglected for years. 


Kristineberg slotspark monstrum playground

Next to the owls there are a large cluster of huge mushrooms growing. Ropes and bars connect all the mushrooms, some easy to use, others difficult. Everyone will have a challenge here.

Kristineberg slotspark monstrum playground

The slide in the largest mushroom begins in a height of 230 cm. It is one meter wide, offering space for two children in action at a time. In addition there is a large carousel mushroom ready to spin with one passenger or more.

Carrousel play MONSTRUM playgrounds

The mushroom is designed like a carrousel. The kids can hold onto the steel tube and twirl around. 

Kristineberg slotspark monstrum playground


Among the trees, bushes and branches of the area of Kristineberg Slottspark, lives rare species of ants and beetles. Between the cluster of oak trees lies a dispersal corridor, a route connecting different groups of wildlife, otherwise separated by human activities or structures, such as roads or buildings. 

We wanted to tell the story of the hidden wildlife. Transforming the area into a crawling habitat by super sizing the small world to expose it and to turn reality upside down, making huge what is normally tiny. 

The playground is ‘alive’ and moving with both fauna and flora. Mushrooms, flowers and leaves are placed among the animals. Beside the beetles, earwigs and ants, there are two owls overseeing the area - the crowned king and queen of the habitat, both 5.5 meters tall. The interior of the owls offer different levels, stairs and ladders to climb on. If the children want to play the chimes on the owl queen they do so by pressing the buttons on its side. 

Kristineberg slotspark monstrum playground


Kristineberg slotspark monstrum playground

The nights are long during the half-year of winter in Scandinavia. The shortest day is darkened from 3 after-noon until 9 next morning. The playground is designed with integrated lights, to make after sunset use possible, and also adding a theatrical mood and feeling of the wildlife crawling out from it’s hideaways and coming to life at night. 

Owls monstrum playground
Owls monstrum playground

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