If you are curious about how we work or want to get your very own MONSTRUM playground, you can read more about our approach and the process here. 



Based on visual arts and design, MONSTRUM makes playgrounds that are not only filled with physical challenges but inspire kids to play by being an adventurous scene where there is space for imagination. The design of MONSTRUMS playgrounds are based on stories. The playgrounds must first of all inspire children to play and challenge their motor skills as well as their imagination. But MONSTRUMs easily recognizable playgrounds are more than just playgrounds. They are sculptures in the urban landscape, telling stories and making people smile just by looking at them. They become landmarks of their surroundings, making both children and adults talk about “meeting by the parrot.” Why play on a climbing frame if you can play in a space rocket, a submarine, a giant snail house, a clown head or a Trojan horse?

MONSTRUM playground tulsa river giants gathering place


MONSTRUM has a dedicated team of architects with a passion of bringing inspiring play value to kids, but also experiences to teens, to parents and to bypassers. There are just as many adults as kids on a playground. The scenography of our playgrounds becomes a social platform where all ages are entertained. We believe that great gathering places in the cities, like playgrounds, can connect people across the community.  


MONSTRUM playground eagle dokk1


A good playground should inspire kids to move. The swing and the rope way are classical playground elements where you can feel the joy and the tickle in your stomach just by looking at it. But what makes a playground great is that kids are not able to figure it out just by looking at it. They have to explore it. When they are running or climbing through the playground there is not only one right way. They have to consider a lot of options and paths, assessing their motor skills and safety. This creates continuous movement and a lot of fun. A playground can be an essential part of a childhood, in-spiring and reflecting the challenges of the physical world. It is a place where you meet new friends and develop your ability to socialize with other kids. And equally important, it is time spend away from the computer getting your pulse up. The playground appearance in the urban landscape has become a valued part of city planning today. We would also like it to be an icon and a social meeting place in the community. The playground should be a magnet that attracts kids and adults walking by: Wow! I want to spend time there with my child.



Good communication is an important factor in achieving the best design and end result. From the first enquiry, every project will be managed by one of our architects ensuring that all ambitions for the project are met, and to accommodate the best process possible. The following questions will be taken into consideration at the beginning of the project:

  • What are the main ambitions?
  • What story should be told on the playground?
  • Is there a time frame for the project?
  • How do we ensure play value?
  • Who are the playground for?
  • What is the age group?
  • Are there any specific requests for swings, slides, heights, colours, process etc.?
  • How big is the area?
  • What is the budget?



Brainstorming is the first step in developing a concept and theme for the playground. In this part of the process it is important to see possibilities instead of obstacles to get to the best and most creative solution. The brainstorm will be based on the information, thoughts and ideas collected from the customer. These ideas will be converted to sketches and finally one concept is selected for further sketching.


The next step is to expand the selected concept and be more specific in the design. The visual appearance will be further developed and play features and routes will be added. In this phase the design will be sketched in 3D. We will make a presentation of the playground that will be corrected in collaboration with the customer. 


Details will be adjusted and added. The safety of the design is examined and elements like colours, proportions and play value will be discussed and if needed, corrected in collaboration with the customer.

MONSTRUM playground design sketch


After the approval of the design, the elements will be made producible by our technical designers. This also includes planning of the foundations.

At MONSTRUM the whole process – from design to construction and final painting– is executed under one roof at our office and workshop in Copenhagen, Denmark. This simplifies the communication, limits mistakes and makes it easy to correct, modify or add details to the design during the construction.

The production time may vary depending on the size of the project and production capacity with a maximum of 4 months after ordering.

Before the playground leaves the workshop it will be certified according to the appropriate safety standards EN 1176/77 or ASTM depending on the target market.

MONSTRUM wild boar vildsvin playground


All playground elements are designed and built to fit the means of transportation either by truck, open flatbed or shipping containers. Very large elements will be shipped in parts and reassembled on site.

To ensure a smooth shipping process we work together with BlueWater Shipping – a global provider of all logistics services in modern supply chain management. BlueWater is an organization of professionals, skilled to offer complete and tailor made solutions to any shipping requirement anywhere in the world.

We also offer supervision of the installation. The supervisors are hands-on in the process and will collaborate with local contractors. The preparations before and during installation will be planned and further details will be decided in collaboration with the customer.

MONSTRUM playground whale shipping transportation process



Main structure: 
Superwood timber, Duraply plywood and steel

Cumaru, Robinia or Superwood

Soil contact: 
Rubinia or steel

Flügger Wood Tex

Steel exposed on the playground is either galvanized or stainless steel.

All MONSTRUM playground equipment is made of sustainable timber: PEFC certified, Nordic SUPER WOOD ™, FSC certified okoume plywood and Robinia from sustainable forestry operations in Europe. Wood with permanent ground contact is made of Robinia hartwood, which is characterized by being able to last between 25 and 40 years in contact with the ground without impregnation. We also use galvanized and stainless steel.

Painting of the playground equipment is always performed with water based wood protection of the ‘Flügger Wood Tex’.

MONSTRUM sustainability wood materials


All of our playgrounds has a warranty of 5 years, meaning defect parts due to manufacturing or material defects will be replaced or repaired free of charge within 5 years from delivery.

Wood is a natural material, some cracks or splits due to weather and season changes must be expected and does not affect the structural integrity. This condition will not be covered by the warranty.

The warranty does not cover in case the product has not been maintained according to our maintenance manual. Defects or damage that results from improper use, storage, misuse or abuse, wear, tear or vandalism are excluded from coverage.

Plants vs zombies, Warranty


All our playgrounds meet the requirements in EN 1176/77 or ASTM (the European and American safety standards for playgrounds).

MONSTRUM have thorough knowledge of the regulations and the usual interpretations. To keep focus on safety from the initial ideas to the completed installed playground, several of our designers and builders are educated Playground Inspectors.

To ensure a high level of safety we collaborate with Nordic Playground Institute, who is Europe’s leading institute for playground safety and risk assessment. All playgrounds are certified according to EN1176 or ASTM before they leave MONSTRUM.



After installation of the playground, MONSTRUM will provide a maintenance manual based on the safety standards including security check points, materials used and colour codes. The playgrounds are made of simple materials and are easy to maintain by local craftsmen. All wood used has a natural strength and resistance to weather effects and requires a minimum of maintenance. If the playground is re-painted after 10 years, it will look like new again

MONSTRUM gorky park playground