Copenhagen, Denmark - 2006




Brumleby is an old residential area in Copenhagen with characteristic yellow and white limewash-painted houses. Back in the day, in 1800-something, when Brumleby was located in the countryside, there was a dairy and a butcher in Brumleby. The concept of the playground is to recreate a small part of the old town and its buildings, reminding us of the town's fantastic history. For a unique, whimsical take on the design of the houses and to literally twist the traditional look of the buildings, the shape of the houses was stretched and squeezed as if they were bursting with energy and laughter. 

The playground is a prime example of how MONSTRUM create playgrounds for both kids and adults. The design is fun for kids to play in and inspires them to move and use their imaginations, but it also adds identity and architectural value to the neighborhood.

Crooked house playground design by MONSTRUM Playgrounds

The town is complete with a dairy, bakery and butcher, where the kids can play and trade goods. 

A wobbly suspension bridge at The Crooked House playground by MONSTRUM Playgrounds

Two of the houses are connected by a wobbly suspension bridge. It adds to the overall energetic playfulness of the playground. 

MONSTRUM brumleby_skæve_huse_crooked_houses_play_design

The houses can be entered by ladders, but the sides of the houses can also be climbed using the climbing grips. 

Crooked house wooden playground by MONSTRUM Playgrounds

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