Girl sliding down playground structure


In cities, when the need to expand arises, we often look upwards rather than outwards. Space is limited but when we look upwards, only the sky is the limit! Some of the most fantastic hidden architectural gems can be discovered on rooftops and amongst these, are some brilliant playgrounds waiting to be explored.

Bear holding slide playground


‘The Globe’ is situated outside the cultural centre and main library by the harbour of Aarhus. Scattered around the l4.400 sqm large deck, we designed five narrative playgrounds - each representing a different compass direction -  with details telling small stories about the wildlife, animals, landscape, geology, and culture from each corner of the world. 

Venstre kolonne
Højre kolonne
Peacock playground with slide, Hong Kong


Towering above the skyline of Hong Kong, you'll find our magnificent peacock perched on top of a giant birdcage. Encapsulating the bohemian vibe of the surrounding gardens, the peacock is an iconic centrepiece enjoyed by young and old. You can climb up the beautiful tail feathers, slide down the twisty 6-metre tall slide or peep out of the holes in the structure for a unique view of the skyline. 

Peacock playground from behind, climbing grips and rails
Venstre kolonne
View of the skyline from the peacock playground, Hong Kong
Højre kolonne
Detail view of the inside stairs of the peacock playground

We focus on inclusivity in the design of our playgrounds, seeking to accommodate as many age groups and abilities as possible  - creating spaces that are both challenging for bigger kids and stimulating and approachable for the younger ones or those with special needs. The sheer scale of the peacock makes it the perfect challenge for children 5 years of age and up, whilst the smaller peahen provides a great environment for smaller toddlers and children to explore at their level.

Venstre kolonne
Højre kolonne
LEGO House drone view from above


LEGO House is a landmark building in Denmark, designed by BIG Architects to resemble 21 giant LEGO bricks, creating space for exhibitions, activities, and lots of LEGO construction inside and linked roof terraces and public playgrounds outside. For these roof terraces, we designed 9 themed playgrounds, each telling the story of a different journey to LEGO House.

Scarecrow and crashed hot air balloon playground, LEGO House
Children playing at Shark playground LEGO House
Venstre kolonne
Rocket playground with slide and cloud elements, children playing, LEGO House
Højre kolonne
Children playing at submarine and sea monster playground, LEGO House

Whether it's by hot air balloon, rocket ship, submarine or on camel-back, the journey to LEGO House is never boring or without its challenges - you may even have to navigate treacherous shark-infested waters to get there! Kids are invited to become part of the narrative and play the lead role in these adventures.

Venstre kolonne
Children playing on swings at LEGO House
Højre kolonne
Children playing on camel play structure at LEGO House playground
Sketch of LEGO House with playgrounds

One of our architect's sketches illustrating the placement of the 9 playgrounds on the impressive maze of roof terraces at LEGO House.