Ålborg, Denmark - 2019

Ålborg city



Ålborg city wanted a sculptural playground for the new urban space surrounding the Budolfi church in central Ålborg, designed to fit the area both in regards to the context of the church and the visual style of the surroundings. The playground consists of a big snake, twisting and turning its long body around a big apple referring to the biblical story of The Garden of Eden, in which the snake tempts Adam and Eve to eat the apple of the tree of knowledge. 
The playground is kept in a compact design to fit the limited space for the playground. It is about 3 meters tall with a slide at the top of the apple. Inside the snake there is a long mazy tunnel, where you can hide from the other children when playing tag.

The colors were chosen to match the red brick buildings on the one side of the playground and the green garden on the other side. The colors are vibrant which give the playground a dynamic and energetic expression, which enhances the dramatic effect of the big twisting snake.  

MONSTRUM playground snake and the apple

A part of the snake is designed with a steep angled floor for kids to run down - or for the smallest kids to slide down.

MONSTRUM playground snake and the apple

The snake is designed with different spacing between the boards letting light in and making it possible to look out. The spacing also makes it possible to grab and climb all over the snake.

The budolfi church apple snake playground monstrum

Budolfi Church is situated in the center of Ålborg giving inspiration to the theme of Garden of Eden.

MONSTRUM playground snake and the apple
MONSTRUM playground snake and the apple

The playground is designed with many levels and is a fascinating structure to explore. 

MONSTRUM playground snake and the apple

Electric light is built into the framework enhancing the shapes and making it cozy in the evening.

MONSTRUM playground snake and the apple

The light on the inside comes streaming in through the spaces between the wooden boards. 


The snake

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