Deep Forest Art Land, Kibæk, Denmark - 2009

Artist Søren Taaning

Skovsnogen - Deep Forest Art Land



Deep Forest Art Land is an innovative project uniting the worlds of art and nature. The curated trail through the stunning forest is lined with over 30 unique art installations, inviting visitors to explore the whole area and discover the many fantastic pieces, while taking in the surrounding nature. The park is also known by the name "Skovsnogen" - Danish for forest snake - and at MONSTRUM, we were thrilled to contribute by creating the impressive play sculpture of the same name. The Snake is the only installation that is a certified playground construction, though many other pieces invite visitors to playfully explore them.

The snake's body twists and turns as it slithers over the forest floor, creating space inside to be explored by curious souls of any age. For the agile, the sculpture can be climbed and clambered up and across. The gaps between the wooden boards create a magical play of light streaming in and the wider gaps also double as hand- and footholds to aid in scaling the slippery creature.

Girl playing inside Snake playground sculpture

Come on in and explore the tunnel structure on the inside of the snake

Kids climbing and playing on snake playground sculpture

The snake is challenging and FUN to climb!


Snake playground structure


Often art installations are surrounded by protective screens, barriers, and signs commanding "Do not touch!"...but that's the furthest thing from the case in this MONSTRUM art installation. The Snake serves the dual purpose of being a sculpture to be observed and enjoyed, while simultaneously inviting kids (of all ages) to climb on it and inside it and explore it in any way their imagination allows.

The fact that the playground structure is so simple and doesn't embody any traditional play features such as a slide or swing opens a world of opportunity! At first glance, a 5-year-old visitor recently assessed that this playground was boring! Five minutes of "boredom" later and he had found fun, new ways to climb the snake and small challenges and games within and on top of the snake emerged. The simplicity of the structure was exactly the catalyst needed to spark the imagination and provoke endless possibilities for play!

Here, as is the case at all MONSTRUM playgrounds, there is no one correct way to play - play takes shape and new adventures are written each time a new child lets their imagination run wild at one of our play sculptures.

Boy playing and climbing inside snake playground
Boy climbing up high on top of snake sculpture

Who dares to attempt to conquer this slippery creature?

Mum and little girl playing and climbing inside snake playground structure

The snake's long body is twisted around itself creating inclines and declines to climb up and slide down again

The snake of meldgaard skov playground sculpture

The dramatic forest surroundings are the perfect setting for the forest snake sculpture


In addition to the forest snake sculpture, MONSTRUM collaborated with artist Søren Taaning on the creation of Thoreau's cabin, inspired by the writer Henry David Thoreau and his 1854 book "Walden; on Life in the Woods" about simple living in natural surroundings. The cabin is a to-scale version of Thoreau's self-built cabin in the woods, where he resided for two years.

wooden cabin in forest
wooden cabin details
wooden details in forest cabin
The snake playground from above

Photo by Per Borch


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