Chasseneuil-du-Poitou, France - 2016




Futuroscope is Frances first amusement park and is renowned for its high-tech attractions and its unusual buildings with a futuristic architecture, which attracts both kids and adults. The sight is something to behold, with impressive, futuristic glass and metal buildings and giant spheres and domes. It is one of a kind in Europe with its combination of fun, magical and futuristic entertainment. MONSTRUM was asked to make a magical playground to fit the design in the garden of the park. 

The playground is a surrealistic version of a garden that has grown into giant size. The world is turned upside down as the once so tiny ant is now huge. The kids can likewise shift rolle and be the small insects, crawling across it's body. The form can be explored in diffrerent ways, as the kids can sit on its head and ride on it like a horse, steering it by its feelers. On it's side is a small slide for the smallest kids. 


Monstrum futurescope playground design play

The two huge flowers are connected to eachother with a steel mesh tunnel and one of them has a 4 meter tall slide. The impact material is designed in bright colors of green and orange, which adds energy and a playful vibe to the overall expression of the playground. 

Monstrum futurescope playground design play

The ant is designed to be crawled on as if the kids are small ants themselves. It is connected to giant grass straws and leaves.

Monstrum futurescope playground design play
Monstrum futurescope playground design play

To create the feeling og being in a giant garden, we placed flowers and trunks across the area.


The Giant Garden

Espergærde, Denmark

Liseberg Victorian Garden

Göteborg, Sweden