Hals Havn, Aalborg Denmark - 2022

Aalborg Kommune



The new MONSTRUM playground at the marina in Hals in the northeast of Denmark is part of an extensive renovation of the harbour area. The area has a wealth of birdlife and the fascinating avocet with its characteristic features is the star of the playground design. The curved bill of the avocet makes it distinctive and easily recognizable - the two birds will become a landmark for the marina and the area.

The two elegant birds - one towering 4.5 meters over the ground while the other rests beside it - are fun to climb inside and explore and the big one has a fun slide to whizz down. Besides the birds, there's a climbing course adjacent and an extended lighthouse structure, inspired by the iconic "Hals Barre Fyr". The lighthouse is designed on two levels: the downstairs area has benches and tables for a picnic lunch; the second level is reached by climbing the stairs. The view over the sea from up there is not to be missed!

MONSTRUM also created a feather bench and lighthouse-inspired gateway to Nordsøstien creating a homogenous look for the whole area around the playground.

Kids climbing on play structure having fun at playground

Climb, balance and jump on the fun climbing course next to the avocets.

Kids climbing and playing on avocet bird playground sculpture

The large natural rocks emphasize the local nature theme and provide a natural, intuitive play feature.

Avocet playground Hals Havn

These unique seashell table and bench sets are a fun detail and complement the overall maritime theme.

Girl climbing into play structure with detailed paintings of birds on the inside


Lighthouse picnic hut playground
Educational paintings inside lighthouse playground structure

Inside the lighthouse, visitors can enjoy a picnic lunch & learn about the area through the educational paintings inside.

The view over the marina from on top of the lighthouse building

Take in the view from the top of the lighthouse building.

Girl hanging upside down on hammock play feature at playground

We love how creative kids are when they play! We see a classic hammock - they see a whole new way to play!

Gateway entrance to Nordsøstien

We also created the entrance to the coastal path - "Nordsøstien". An element that echoes the playground design & ensures visual continuity throughout the marina area.


Design sketch of Avocet themed playground

A sketch of the design concept for the Avocet playground.


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