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In the pursuit of gaining fresh insights and inspiration, we decided to conduct our first Expert Panel. We invited 14 kids (our office staff's children) to become play experts for a fun day out, where we visited and thoroughly tested two MONSTRUM playgrounds in the Copenhagen area. The goal for the day was to get out from behind our screens and observe how kids actually play at our playgrounds - what works well and what could be improved? We were keen to evaluate and use our findings to create even better playgrounds in the future!



We visited The Garden in Espergærde - a garden that's grown out of proportion, where you can crawl on a giant grasshopper or into a big watering can and then jump on huge leaves & flowers. The second stop on our expert panel trip was The Eider Duck & Fishing Village in Taarbæk - a next-level school playground with a huge duck and a charming fishing village, complete with a lighthouse, boats, and fishing huts.

The kids took the matter of becoming playground testers for a day very seriously and were highly engaged in their "work"...needless to say, they also had loads of fun (and so did the grown-ups)!



As the MONSTRUM office crew represent a diverse range of skill sets and roles, we observed several different aspects of the playgrounds in use, including:

  • Building materials and how they're wearing over time
  • The difference in the durability of different wood sorts
  • Routes the kids chose to navigate the playground
  • Ways the kids use the play structures
  • How kids assess risk
  • The stories, that the kids created when interacting with the playground
  • How children of different ages play
  • Design challenges


Check out some highlights from the day in the video below.

Duck playground MONSTRUM

It was interesting to see how kids of different ages played

Kids playing at playground

The Garden playground is a much-loved MONSTRUM and has been around since 2015.

Girl sliding down big slide

One of our play experts whizzing down the big slide!

Dad & boy playing at playground

Bringing your kids to work ain't so bad!

Venstre kolonne
Kids playing at fishing village playground

The kids loved playing roleplay games at the fishing village

Højre kolonne
Fishing boat play structures at MONSTRUM playground

This feature, where kids can slide fish from the boat to the dock was a hit!

Design team inspecting playground

Some of our design team watching and learning from the experts.

Boys playing football at playground

This custom-built football cage was definitely very popular at the Taarbæk playground!

Venstre kolonne
Man climbing in playground flower

Our CEO Ole has never been one to shy away from getting stuck in!

Højre kolonne
Girl eating a snack bag at playground

No day trip without a yummy goodie bag!