Viborg, Denmark - 2019

Eric Brandt Dam Architects

Hald Manor



In the woods outside of the Danish town of Viborg, you'll find the heritage site of many decisive historical events in Danish history. The five areas of the Hald Manor, one of which dates back to the 12th Century, have now undergone an extensive restoration as part of a project aiming to tell the story of the site and its significance in Danish history. The architectural firm Erik Brandt Dam Architects was assigned the task of designing this ambitious development project with a focus on nature and modern architecture. MONSTRUM was asked to contribute to the project with a playground to physically engage the kids, making the historic site relatable for them while still maintaining the artistic focus.

The playground design is based on a medieval theme incorporating classic and characteristic elements such as a big tower, a catapult, and a giant wild boar. It has a fierce vibe with a reference to historic battles and wild animals, which we no longer see in Danish nature. Here, the kids can play the victorious knight, storming the tower and using the catapult. 

The playground also has direct references to the five different sites and eras of the Hald Manor. Much of the history is hard to spot in the faded ruins, but it has come alive at the playground for the kids to explore and the adults to be inspired by.

MONSTRUM playground The wild boar vildsviner

The wild boar is almost 5 meters tall and is a fascinating structure to climb on and venture inside. 

MONSTRUM playground The wild boar

The natural wood is warm and stimulating to the touch.

MONSTRUM playground The historic playground 5 halder

Come explore underneath the manor.

MONSTRUM playground The 5 halls halder


MONSTRUM playground The wild boar

The interior is designed with as much care as the exterior, making the experience of exploring it even more fascinating. 

MONSTRUM playground The wild boar

The inside of the wild boar is designed with play features such as the rope net for the kids to balance on, climb up and lie on. 

MONSTRUM playground The wild boar

The wild boar is big enough for adults to explore as well. 

MONSTRUM playground De 5 falder

The catapult adds a dramatic effect to the playground. Instead of it being a weapon to fire, we put a swing on the end! 

An aerial view of the green surroundings of the Hald Estate


MONSTRUM playground De 5 falder

The project is designed in a simple style with a focus on nature.

MONSTRUM playground De 5 falder

The wolf is standing beside the path leading to the playground. All the way through the forest, there are small hints of the stories for the kids to explore on their way.

MONSTRUM playground De 5 falder

The objects are designed in a naïve style, to make the overall expression playful and charming.  

Sketch of the historical playground MONSTRUM Playgrounds

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