Boy climbing play structure, MONSTRUM Playgrounds


...we love it!

Free, open-ended play with no prescribed agenda, time schedule, or goal.
The world needs more of this and we seek to set the scene for just this to unfold at a MONSTRUM playground. We provide the canvas and time after time, we discover how children fill it out in ways, we'd never imagined! That's the magic of play - allowing kids to activate their imaginations and explore using all their senses.

Playing for the pure joy of simply playing.


Ant playground in skanör, Sweden, MONSTRUM playgrounds

Some may look at a simple play structure and see limited play opportunities - we look at a simple structure and see endless possibilities - it just takes some imagination. Imagination is the expert domain of kids, who dream up countless roleplay scenarios and innovative ways of climbing and utilizing a structure when given the chance (and perhaps a little supportive nudge from carers to open their minds and explore).


Kids playing at tower playground, MONSTRUM Playgrounds

Children are constantly learning as they approach their surroundings like little scientists making new discoveries thanks to a relentless, innocent curiosity. Play is crucial for children's development. Studies show how children develop essential skills for life through play: physical coordination as they whizz around the playground; social skills when interacting with their peers; and the ability to creatively solve problems while also regulating their emotions when things don't quite go their way.

Here's to more pointless play.


Map of MONSTRUM playgrounds


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