Affenzahn playground monkey koala play elements MONSTRUM playgrounds


Affenzahn, known for their iconic, playful rucksacks, shoes and accessories were looking to create a flagship playground at their headquarter offices, complete with kindergarten, in Cologne, Germany. Tasked with capturing the spirit of the Affenzahn characters and inviting children to join their story, we created a super fun playground, where you can meet and explore the curious monkey, caring koala and courageous tigress.

You can climb, jump, bounce, build, slide and more on the various elements of the playground. Affenzahn want to aid children and parents in discovering five core values together - family, friendship, security, trust and honesty - and what better way to do that than through play?

Venstre kolonne
Affenzahn monkey illustration

The monkey is great for all ages - the older kids can climb up its back, while the younger ones can hand out homemade sand products from the open belly of the monkey.

Højre kolonne
Venstre kolonne
Højre kolonne


The design of the playground was inspired by a combination of the iconic Affenzahn rucksacks and the illustrations of the figures from their children's books and the characters were transformed into sculptural play elements. Below, you can see some of our process - from Affenzahn's own illustrations to our designer's first rough sketches in the brainstorming phase to the 3D render of some of the playground.

Affenzahn illustration of animal characters
Venstre kolonne

An early brainstorm sketch based on the Affenzahn characters.

Højre kolonne

A 3D render of the playground design.


We're very excited that Gathering Place riverfront park in Tulsa, USA has been named Best City Park 2021 by USA Today. Gathering Place is an enormous public park designed by the world-renowned landscape architect MVVA and featuring several sculptural playgrounds designed by MONSTRUM. Two giant herons, a bear and a snake are just some of the play elements to be discovered.

Giant herons at playground Gathering Place MONSTRUM playground

The playgrounds are designed with something for all ages and abilities to venture into - the 23-foot tall herons are a great challenge for the older kids, whilst the low open mouth of the paddlefish invites the little ones to crawl in and play at their level.

Venstre kolonne
Paddlefish play element MONSTRUM playground

The paddlefish, with its low opening through the mouth, is easy for the smaller ones to crawl in through.

Højre kolonne
Children playing inside paddlefish play structure

Kids love investigating the insides of the paddlefish, discovering just as much detail on the inside as the outside.