Wooden tree playground structure


Children at play are children who are learning. They are learning about boundaries, collaboration,
turn-taking, and assessing risk - to mention just a few things.

Often we think of learning as something that happens in a classroom in front of a textbook,
but environments for learning can be so much more diverse and inspiring.

🌳 How about gathering in a giant tree for a lesson?
🪱 Or what about climbing up the Wondering Worm to do your homework?

Our recent project at The Lamplighter School is a great example of how playgrounds
can be interactive, innovative environments for learning - both when kids are playing
at them and when they are utilized in a class setting. 

Kids climbing on wooden worm construction at school playground


Recognizing the benefits of a playful approach to learning and with a desire to embrace
and nurture children's sense of wonder at the world around them, The Lamplighter School
wanted a playground that would combine fun play features with creative spaces for learning.

This resulted in the 7-meter-tall Mother Tree, the Wondering Worm, that is popping up from
under the ground, a double dandelion zip slide, cloud swings and fun playhouses.

Huge wooden tree sculpture to play and learn in
Venstre kolonne
Two kids sitting smiling on wooden worm play structure
Højre kolonne
Girl doing her homework inside huge wooden tree structure
Illustration showing the classroom function of big wooden tree sculpture

We designed The Mother Tree to serve as an educational setting that incorporates fun play features and integrated seating that comfortably accommodates an entire class and teacher. When there's no classes on, it's a great space for more reflective, solitary learning and play.



Aerial view of the Lamplighter School playground with MONSTRUM play structures


It's no secret that at MONSTRUM, we love wood! Since our very first playground, crafting stories in wood has been at the core of our DNA.

Wood has numerous benefits - both for us as human beings and for the environment. Read more about our sustainable approach.


Wood works


Carpenter working in the wood workshop at MONSTRUM Playgrounds