The Pipefish

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Yellow, purple, orange and blue. These are the colors of the sparkling Pipefish swimming in between the seaweed in the center of Chelsea Waterside Park on Manhattan, NY.

Chelsea Waterside Park Playground creates a seabed realm for imaginative play. The story of the playground is based in Hudson River Fauna featuring a giant pipefish as it’s iconic and sculptural centerpiece.

The 22-meter long pipefish swims between seaweed, seashells and weathered bollards. From these kids and adults can slide down the 6 meter slide and down to the seashells.

A sculptural centerpiece with artistic details

The Needlefish is not only a sculptural playground, but also a visual experience when playing inside. Every little detail has been taking into account; The changing distance between the cladding boards brings small and large light beams into the ‘play houses’. Likewise, it is easy for parents to see their children, even though they crawl inside the elements. At the top of the tall towers, a silhouette, which gives a beautiful light, is inspired by the grains from a tree trunk.

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