The Fortress City

Brønshøj, Denmark

There is basis for a major water fight on hot summer days when the water is on, and snow balls can come flying over the castle wall in the winter. Furthermore, the children often play tag across, through, below and around the castle. The Fortresss City consists of a big castle in the middle with a town around it and a street twisting itself between. The castle is built on piles and is surrounded by the sandbox acting as the moat. The sandbox stretches all the way below the castle, making it is possible to climb below it and come up via the well in the castle courtyard. The castle consists of three towers and a castle wall.


The Præstekjær after-school center in Copenhagen has a pleasant playground with space for ball plays and a public playground with swings and slides close by.

The after-school center wanted a new playground that made better use of the large sandbox and added opportunities for role play games and water games combined with moon car tracks.

The solution was to build a town on top of the existing sandbox and, thereby, save the establishment of a new fall surface, and instead spend the entire budget on play equipment.

The houses around the castle are connected in such a way that the children can crawl from house to house without being seen and suddenly appear in a new place. The smallest houses are only big enough for crawling through, whereas the bigger houses have room enough for a group of children to sit in and talk or have fun.

North of the castle lies the prison and the rest of the town. The prison has a door on one side, and a hole in the wall on the other side facing the neighbouring house. The rest of this part of the town consists of set pieces painted on plywood fixed on the board fence.

Built on piles, the road around the castle twists and turns its way through the town. The road is broad enough for a moon car and is fitted with a crash fence at high levels.

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