Mr. Giant Zombot and the zombies

Wuxi, China

An icon of the park

When you arrive to the Plants vs. Zombie Theme Farm in Wuxi, China, you will not miss this 7,5 meter tall giant, Dr. Zombot. He is the boss in one of the most well known app games and now he has become alive.

“The customer wanted an icon of the park, which could clearly show the theme and brand the park. Therefore, we chose to make one big figure next to the other elements, and it was quite obvious that Dr. Zombot should be the big one.”
Ole Barslund, Creative Director and Partner

From sketch to playground

The project was developed in collaboration with EA Games and the New Pastoralism Group. Last-mentioned is the famous company behind the amusement park, where you can also learn how to grow your own plants. In order to get the very right mood of the park, and a good interpretation of EA’s figures, it was important with a close cooperation. From the start, all parties have been presented for sketches, so there were clear lines for the design and direction of the project.

The game has different levels based on themes. Among others a pirate theme, which can be explored at the other playground right next to Dr. Zombot.

From digital play to physical play

App games and virtual entertainment are good at developing kids’ cognitive skills. Playgrounds are good at developing kids’ physical skills. It was a pleasure for us to make the digital play physical and see how the kids continue their games on the playground.

From outside to inside play

The playground is an adventurous scene that inspire the children to play their own play. Beside Dr. Zombot you will find a wrench, some bolts and red sticks, which could look like cables. Inside are painted illustrations that children and adults can look at on their way towards the control panel of Dr. Zombot’s head.

The sketch below is from an early stage. It has been developed so you can actually get into the head and look out.

From Denmark to China

We were pleased to be invited to the Grand Opening Ceremony. It was not only funny to pose beside the ugly zombies, but also a festive opening!

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