Get inspired…

Behind the scene at MONSTRUM
Describing the creative process from beginning, where we are inspired of the kids playing experience of the world and to the final production and installation.

Another sunny day in space
A moodful video showing our COSMOS-project in the theme park Vystavka Dostizheniy Narodnogo Khozyaystva in Russia.

This video shows the transport and installation of DOKK1 in Århus.

A Fatherly video about MONSTRUM
“Your kid needs playgrounds like these.” Fatherly

The Sonata car for Hyundai.

The very first playground of MONSTRUM
MONSTRUMs very first playground is still a part of Molevittens Kindergarten, despite they have moved 2 times. It is a pleasure for us to see so many Kids playing in the rocket and the princess tower. The video is from the 1990’s. See the playground here.

This is how we get inspired. In ‘Nymosen’ we have built a roly poly. The video shows an observation of a roly poly. Check out the playground here.

The kids in Stockholm appointed MONSTRUMs playgrounds as the best!

The tree in Larvik
When a kids drawing becomes reality.