The Team

MONSTRUM consists of builders, designers and architects. We are all gathered under one roof in Brøndby, Denmark.

Ole Barslund Nielsen

Partner & Creative Director

Ole is responsible for the design and development of MONSTRUM playgrounds. Ole and Christian founded MONSTRUM in 2003. They met in the Danish theater world where they worked together on set designs.
The Idea for MONSTRUM came, when Oles son Sixten Gustav´s kindergarten in 2003 needed a new playground. Ole was part of the group of parents, who made the decision about the new playground for the kindergarten.
Ole is an educated artist from the Royal Danish Artacademy.

Christian Jensen

Partner & Production Manager

Christian is responsible for everything related to the production and installation of MONSTRUM playgrounds.
Ole and Christian founded MONSTRUM in 2003. They met in the Danish theater world where they worked together on set designs.

Betina Friis Møbius

Administrative Coordinator
Phone: +45 33 22 10 77 

Betina takes care of all incoming inquiries by mail and phone. She helps with everything that needs to be arranged, ranging from travels to office equipment. She is detail oriented and very helpful! When she doesn’t work, she loves to bake or watch movies with her family at home, where she also has two children.


Torben Quaade

Designer, CAD responsible

As a CNC responsible designer Torben is an important element when design and production must go up to a higher level. Torben is responsible for detailing and optimization of the production, and has been a part of MONSTRUM since 2008.

Tomas Knudsen

Lead Designer & Project Manager

Tomas Knudsen graduated with a BFA in Designer/Architect in New York City 1999, where he worked with architecture and design for 14 years before he joined MONSTRUM in 2009. Tomas helped founding the design department and have contributed with with numerous projects such as M/S Oceanliner in Gorky Park, Cosmos in Vdhn park Moscow, Red dot awarded Odense Zoo “Chunga”,  “Sonataen” for Hyundai in Korea ,Dannebroge eksplosionen in Køge, The playgrounds at Danmarks Railroad Museum in Odense and manny more.


Amalie Muff

Senior Architect MAA, Project Manager

Amalie is an Architect from the School of Architecture. She works as a project manager and designer in Monstrums design department and has also been project manager on our ‘Liseberg’ project and the playgrounds for LEGOhouse. She loves working in the 3D program Rhino and photographing is one of her great passions. Amalie joined MONSTRUM in 2015.


Sune Jørgensen

Architect MAA, Project manager

Sune is an Architect from the School of Architecture and works as project manager and designer in Monstrums design department. He loves working in photoshop and his preferred tool is a ‘DrawPad’, which he masters very well. Sune started at MONSTRUM in January 2016 and has among other projects been working on ‘Slotslegepladsen’ and the Tulsa project.

Cecilie Vibe Nielsen

Architect MAA, Project manager

Cecilie works as a project manager and designer in Monstrums design department, where she started in december 2016. She loves 3D-modelling and working with animation tools like After Effects and Premiere Pro. Cecilie has among other projects been working on ‘Linneparken’ and ‘Magnolietræet’.


Sarrah Mikkelsen

Architect MAA, Project manager

Sarrah is educated as an architect and works as designer and project manager in MONSTRUM’s design department. She started in 2016 and has amongst other projects been in charge of the playgrounds for LEGO House, Butterfly Garden and Vallensbæk Strand. She loves modelling in Rhino and hand sketching.


Paw Skafsgaard

Designer, Technical Drawer

Paw is our Junior Designer from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design. He assists Torben at several major design projects.

Thorvaldur Jensen

Architect MAA, Designer

Thorvaldur helps developing the playgrounds before production. He has among other things been working on Cosmos, Sonata, Dannebroge and the tree in Larvik.
He has a penchant for airplanes and to jump parachute. In addition, he likes Art Deco, Diesel punk, Golden Age of Futurism, Classical Japanese Architecture, and not least, he appreciates the fine art of the model building.


Bjørn Schmidt Olesen

Production Manager

Bjørn joined MONSTRUM in 2010 and has a background as a construction manager. He is quite fond of guitars and sailboats. Bjørn has worked on the Blue Whale, The Towers of Copenhagen, and with gentle hand he has painted the Beetle family in Kristineberg Slottspark. Bjørn loves the chisel and the jigsaw and is the perfect man to have on board when the playgrounds is being installed.


Bjørn Gadeberg Madsen

Carpenter & Team Leader

Bjørn loves to build detailed organic playgrounds and has since 2012 built on some of the largest projects in MONSTRUMs history. He has been working on the Eel in Bermuda, Haunted House in Varberg and has also taken great responsibility for the installation of the 5 playground areas at Dokk1 in Aarhus. Bjørn works both super effective and very detail oriented. In addition, he builds both furniture and longboards with a sharp finish in his spare time.


Joakim Bruun Rasmussen

Carpenter & Team Leader

Joakim is a very positive guy with a good overview, and has since 2012 worked on many playgrounds at MONSTRUM. Among other projects he worked on the owls to Kristineberg Slottspark, The Haunted House in Varberg and the Big Bear at Dokk1. In his spare time Joakim is a father of two children, and loves diving, sailing and he’s devil on a dance floor.


Peter Zernichov

Carpenter & Head of steel department

Peter has been an essential part of MONSTRUM since 2012 and is responsible for the steel production. Peter has worked on numerous playgrounds and loves structure, systems and welding. He has worked on many exciting projects, including the Big Brown Bear at Dokk1, Aarhus. Peter is very creative and good at finding solutions to all the technical process challenges.


Antony Kofoed

Carpenter & Team Leader

Tony is a biker in his spare time, and a very skilled carpenter and builder. He has helped to build the great WatchTower in Klelund and have patiently been responsible for much of the detailed painting on Children’s Railway Station at the Railway Museum.

Lars Kirchhoff

Carpenter & CNC operator

Lars is our patient man with an eye for detail. He joined MONSTRUM in 2014 and has worked on the detailed Children’s Railway Station, the Klelund projects and the Dokk1 playgrounds. Lars is also a biker, a Woody Allen fan and a model builder in his spare time.


Simon Jakobsen


Simon loves everything that has to do with wood, and has since 2014 been working at MONSTRUM. He he very fond of the chisel and among other projects he has worked on the The Queen Ant playground and The Watch Tower in Klelund.


Morten Buch Petersen

Head of Paint

Morten is our painter and controls the quality and the aesthetics of the paint. He loves paintbrushes, paint rollers and spray painting. Morten also has good skills when it comes to music, photography and fun fibs.

Jens Grandorf Bak


Jens has worked at MONSTRUM since 2013. He is educated carpenter and he always works thoroughly and efficiently. He acts as MONSTRUM’s safety representative. Jens is MONSTRUM’s tallest man with Swedish hair and always smiling. He has helped building the lighthouse to Vallensbæk harbor and the ship to Gorky Park.


Jonatan Lausen


Jonathan came to the MONSTRUM in January 2016. He has been a big support for our project in Odense Zoo, where he especially worked on the lion. He is an effective and happy member of the team.


Bjørn Borup Svendsen


Bjørn is our Carpentry apprentice and incredibly skilled at finding durable solutions. He was hired in 2016 and has among others worked on ‘Butterfly Garden’ for Wuhan, China.


Eigil Hurtigkarl


Eigil has been in Monstrum since 2015 and has since contributed with his creative and efficient approach to the projects. He is passionate about what he does at work, but also in his free time. He is in the board of the Gray Hall at Christiania and he also like spending time with his family. Eigil has a great knowledge and is always ready for a chat.




Kasper Kold


The submarine for Dubai and the blue whale is Kasper’s favorite projects. But since he started in May 2016, Kasper has worked on many different projects, and contributed with his effective working skills.

He is family man and father of two boys, and he spends his spare time fishing, and the art of fly tying.


Søren Kold


Søren started in September 2016 on the recommendation of his brother Kasper Kold, who also works here. Søren has a creative approach to the projects and has among other projects worked on ‘Slotshagen’ for Helsingborg and the Magnolia tree. Besides being a good carpenter, Søren is a happy family father who appreciate a good run and a football match on the TV.



Morten Hagen


Morten has been a part of Monstrum since the spring of 2016, and already in the short time he has worked on many different projects. The submarine Dubai, The paddlefish and Slotshagen to Helsingborg is Morten especially proud to have worked on. His high spirit is contagious, so is his high work ethic.

He is crazy about his daughter and girlfriend, and when he is not spending time with the family,  he plays drums, are out fishing or plays handball.

Jared Butler


Jared started at Monstrum i January 2017. He is our only carpender from Canada and he loves kick boxing. He has among other projects built the shark to LEGOhouse.


Carpentry apprentice

Kristian jojnes MONSTRUM in January 2017 and has helped building the air balloon to Observatorielunden. He focuses on work optimization and the good mood, which he really masters. By the way, Kristian has talent for building butterflys of bark!

Martin Schandorph


Martin is building painter and started at Monstrum in April 2017. He is a very versatile painter with flair for spray paint. Among other things, he has been painting the playgrounds to LEGOhouse and Butterfly Garden to China. When time is not spent with his girlfriend and son, he enjoys fishing.

Christian Henningsen


Christian is a carpenter and started at Monstrum in December 2016. Among other things, he has been building the playground for the Railway Museum and Koldinghus. When he does not stand by the ribbon saw (which one he really likes) he spents his time with his wife and daughter, or perhaps on microadventures.

Søren Mølgaard Nielsen


Søren graduated in 2012, and came to Monstrum in 2018. His first project was ‘The Tram’ to Sweden. He loves being creative and working with wood. In his spare time, he enjoys a boat trip in his sailboat, a fishing trip with his friends, reading a book or going to concerts.

Matthew Wright

Carpentry apprentice

Matthew is a carpentry apprentice who worked as an architect in his previous work life. He started at Monstrum in 2018 and has, among other things, been involved with building the Needlefish for New York. In his spare time he loves to rock climb and kite surf. He has a keen sense of humour and helps create a good atmosphere in Monstrum.

Kasper Heien


Jeppe Sand


Jeppe came to Monstrum in 2018. He has a penchant for hard wood and sharp iron. In his spare time he plays badminton and guitar. The best thing he knows is spending time with the family, preferably in terms of travel. Jeppe contributes with his friendly mind and is always ready for a little talk.

Lennart Skibsbye

Cabinet maker

Lennart sometimes falls in love with an oak plank, but loves most of all his wife and his two children. He burns for Norwegian wasteland, telemark skiing, old tools, original bicycles and wooden boats. He is passionate and always nice to talk to.

Stine Dahl

Carpenter and painter

Teit Jakobsen


Teit is a dedicated carpenter with a sense of detail and a predilection for workshop work.

In his sparetime he is a family father and lives in Nørrebro with his girlfriend and two girls of 7 and 12 years old. In addition, he grows his love for vinyl records and cartoons and goes to metal concerts as often as he can get along with.