Risk-taking is an essential feature of play provision

…because it meets a basic human need and gives children an opportunity to learn about the risks and consequences in a controlled environment.

All our playgrounds meet the requirements in EN 1176/77, which is the common European safety rules for playgrounds. MONSTRUM have thorough knowledge of the regulations and the usual interpretations. To keep focus on safety from the initial ideas to the completed installed playground, MONSTRUM CEO and chief designer Ole Barslund Nielsen is an educated Playground Inspector.

Before the playgrounds leave MONSTRUM, a recognized test institute has certified that they comply with DS / EN1176.

We recommend the client to have the playground reviewed by an independent playground inspector after installation, to prove the safety according to EN 1176. Our job is not complete until the inspector can write a clean safety report on the playground.

For the American Market

We also develop playgrounds for the American market, where the playgrounds comply with ASTM and ADA. We have among others made playgrounds for California, Tulsa and New York.

All play equipment is build based on sketches and Danish craftsmanship. Normally we don’t make detailed technical drawings. For larger projects, engineering calculations are made on larger structures.

Extract of EN 1176-1: 2008

”Risk-taking is an essential feature of play provision and of all environments in which children legitimately spend time playing. Play provision aims to offer children the chance to encounter acceptable risks as part of a stimulating, challenging and controlled learning environment. Play provision should aim at managing the balance between the need to offer risk to keep children safe from serious harm.”

”In play provision exposure to some degree of risk may be of benefit because it satisfies a basic human need and gives children the chance to learn about risk and consequences in a controlled environment.”

”Respecting the characteristics of childrens’ play and the way children benefit from playing on the playground with regard to development, children need to learn to cope with risk and this may lead to bumps and bruises and even occasionally a broken limb. The aim of this standard is first and formost to prevent accidents with a disabling or fatal consequence, and secondly to lessen serious consequences caused by the occasional mishap that inevitably will occur in childrens’ pursuit of expanding their level of competence, be it socially, intellectually or physically.”