Trinidad – the Lost Coaster

Copenhagen, Denmark

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The coaster has wrecked on a sandbank and is broken in two. The many wreckage pieces, such as boxes and logs are spread out in the water and on the sandbank.

Not far from the coaster lies the ready raft, representing the only chance of escaping alive. The deck of the coaster is fitted with hand and foot supports, and the ship side is furthermore fitted with climbing grips. The hawser runs from the ship stern to the masthead and into the water behind the ship at the starboard side of the raft.


The wrecked coaster Trinidad is a playground for children aged two to five. The playground is kept close to the ground and with focus on balancing games and speed paths around the playground to encourage a game of tag. In 2006, the Søndre Boulevard in Copenhagen was extensively rebuilt by the City of Copenhagen to become an oasis for both children and adults. MONSTRUM’s contribution was the wrecked coaster, exactly in line with the coast line in the 19th century.

The raft has a small mast and two boxes on the deck. The box stack few meters away leads to a 95 cm high slide. The boxes are decorated with letters and numbers.

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