Train Playground at Odense Railway Museum

Odense, Denmark

From a mini edition of Odense Central Station you can jump on the small mini train and drive through Denmark! Here you will see the Lillebælt Bridge, the M/F Dronning Ingrid Ferry and the Storebælt Tunnel. On the way back you will stop at a small local station where you can explore a huge Litra E 924 locomotive in wood. Here you can crawl into the boiler and see how the smoke comes out of the chimney. From the classic DSB water tower you can climb up the top and take one of the three tube slides down.

The old major locomotive is almost as big as a real locomotive. Up to the top of the smoke there are 5 meters. Up to the top of the boiler there are 3 meters. Inside the train there is room for experiencing the room with red and yellow flames. The smoke from the chimney is a slide. Inside the train there are details of pipes, so you get the feeling of walking inside a real engine.

The water tower is over 6m high and inside there is a spiral staircase that leads you to the top, where you can experience the nice view from the different openings. From here there are three slides down.

The seating area is designed as a platform with suitcases and transport boxes. The carriages can be used for seating and the big boxes are meant to be tables.

Small texts are milled in the tables and on the train explaining the train, facts and historical highlights.

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