Tivoli Hotel og Congress Center

Copenhagen, Denmark

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The playground is located at the third floor level, and you can see all the way to Tivoli from the top of the Japanese tower.

The tower is built in numerous wooden apron planks which, depending on where you stand on the playground, form a solid iconographic shape or semi transparent silhouette. The spacing between the planks allows the children to see and at the same time remain unseen. Quiet like a ninja! There is access to the tower via a stairway to the second floor and further up via a small ladder to the third floor. The slide is a one meter wide double slide with room for lots of children at the same time. The slide begins from the second floor, approximately three meters above ground level.


The Japanese Tower in Tivoli was built some 110 years ago to give the guests a glimpse of the adventures of the Far East. In cooperation with Tivoli’s architect, Jesper Andersen, MONSTRUM has redesigned the tower and three onion shaped cupolas for a small exclusive playground at the Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center. MONSTRUM’s Japanese tower is both architecture and design, but mostly a playground for young and older children. The playground brings Tivoli into the Tivoli Hotel and offers the children a stomach thrill right from the beginning of the day. There is public access to the playground for guests and residents of Copenhagen.

The pagoda has the following dimensions: 760 × 420 × 420 cm. In addition to the Japanese Tower, MONSTRUM has designed and built three large onion shaped cupolas and many balancing equipments for the playground. Each onion shaped cupola measures approximately 240 × 240 × 300 cm, designed with small platforms, nets and climbing poles.

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