The Towers of Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark

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If you as a small child want to feel big go to ‘Fælledparken’ in Copenhagen and visit The Tower Playground with its countless opportunities for physical activity and technological interaction.

Here, children can play electronic catch over the rooftops by following the screams of sea gulls, solve a riddle in the Round Tower or talk like a politician from the Town Hall Tower.
The playground is designed as an urban playground, where the children learn about historical facts. The playground is inspired by five of Copenhagen’s most famous buildings: the Town Hall Tower, the tower of Our Saviour’s Church, the Round Tower, the cupola of the Marble Church and the tower of the Stock Exchange. Together the towers form a challenging playground, among other features using new technology and sounds to encourage to high physical activity. The Round Tower is 5.5 meters tall, 3.3 meters in diameter. It has an interior ramp, winding 2.5 times around the tower and leading to the lookout platform where a small planetarium allows you to explore the stars. Going down you can take the slide or rope bridges to the Town Hall Tower. You can also climb the silhouette of the city to Our Saviour’s Church and play your own composition on the church bells.


The Tower Playground is the winner of Danish Design Award awarded by the Danish Design Centre and has been chosen as City’s Best Children Experience of the on-line city guide, AOK.

A donation from the AP Møller and Chastine Mc-Kinney Møller Foundation for General Purpose made it possible to realize the renewal of the park.

As part of the ’Fælledparken’s’ renewal, the Copenhagen municipality realized an extensive renovation of the old playground.  MONSTRUM in collaboration with GHB Landscape Architects was chosen to design and develop the new playground called “TheTower playground.”
PlayAlive A/S delivered the electronic play devices to the area called “roofs”.

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