The Third Planet from the Sun

Copenhagen, Denmark

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The large globe fell down, and as it hit the ground all the continents slid off. That is why they are now scattered around the globe all over the playground.

During the hard ‘landing’ the globe shattered, giving you the possibility to look right through its core. If you look carefully you will find small pieces of information about the actual matter of the core, or you can find the position of Erik Rasmussen’s house by using the given coordinates.


The project was realized on the basis of a request from the student council at Brøndby Strand Skole in Copenhagen. The school wanted a large play equipment, that could serve as a new symbol for the school.

The globe is 8 × 5 × 3.6 meters and works as a large jungle gym with ropes, nets and climbing buds. There is also a hideout within the globe, allowing multiple points of entry. A large slide takes you from the altitude of three meters to the ground as if you were floating on a large waterfall.

The continents scattered around the globe work as jumping surfaces supported by springs underneath. Here you can play the ground is lava or a game of tag.

At night the globe lights up.

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