The Submarine

Taarbæk, Denmark

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The submarine has just surfaced after yet another adventure. The wave laps onto the foredeck in large soft shape, a great place to run across.

The submarine and the wave represent the joyful play in the school yard, with space for many children at the same time. The soft shapes of the deck and the submarine are fun to run up and down on as well as to drive on. Below deck and inside the submarine there are many passages and paths where children play tag and hide-and-seek. There is space between the planks on the submarine to facilitate climbing and peeking out through the hull.


The pupils at Taarbæk School use the school yard playground extensively, from here you have the view of the marina and Oresund. Originally, the entire school yard was coated with asphalt and small elevations. This was very suitable for riding scooters, moon cars and for ball plays. The idea of the new playground is to integrate it into the school yard without applying a fall mat and, furthermore, with focus on scooters, moon cars, climbing, running, creative design and respect for the surroundings.

From the submarine tower you find access to the space below the deck as well as from the freight boxes on the wave. If you want to rest, there is a bench at each end of the wave. A small fishing village has been painted on a wall near the playground, and some of the houses have been built in wood, ready for you to climb on. “It is simply quite spectacular…” says Jochum Kirsebom, originator of the project.

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