The Submarine and the Lighthouse

Copenhagen, Denmark

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The inside of the submarine is separated by a bulkhead with round manholes. The navigation deck can be accessed via the ladder in the submarine tower. Older children can climb from the navigation deck onto the hull of the submarine.

Looking through the periscope on the bridge, you can follow all the action around the submarine. From the bridge you can talk with your conspirators in the lighthouse through a ‘pipe-phone’. A pipe-phone is a pipe with a mouthpiece in both ends, and the sound transmitting through the pipe.


Located at Vesterbro in Copenhagen the after-school center Vestervang only has a small playground that must be used to the optimum effect.

The keywords for the playground were: division of the space, vertical exploitation of the space, speed, motor challenges to the older children at the centre, and a design that could match the newly built after-school center’s impressive five-floor glass building.

Starting at 4.5 meters above the ground the slide is the tallest at Vesterbro, and from the top of the lighthouse you can watch the entire playground as well as most of the after-school center. Click below to see Shane, deputy head of the after-school centre, commenting on the result (in Danish).

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