The Striped Town

Malmö, Sweden

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The playground consists of a small striped town on the fringe of the forest with a large spider in the middle.

The children coming out of the forest can run in a circle, around on the wooden bridge, and they can only escape the spider by running into one of the houses. Later, the children play shop at the ice cream booth or play princess for a day at the castle. A traffic jam may occur when the older children arrive and put their cars on the bridge, but all problems can be solved with a little diplomacy. The town consists of five small houses of different shapes and sizes built on piles, and each with their own identity. The houses have been painted in the same colours inside and outside. All the houses are connected by tube telephones, so that you can call before you pay a visit.


The Striped Town with a spider was built for the City of Malmö in 2009 in cooperation with architect Caroline Larsson, Malmö Stad and designer Amalie Bo. The target group is children in the age of two to six years. It is a public playground, but there is a daycare center right next to the playground, visiting the playground a lot. In 2010, the City of Malmö (Malmö Stad) was awarded a prize by the Swedish Association of Architects, among others for the Spider playground (Spindel-lekplatsen).

The houses are connected to each other by a long wooden bridge rolling like a wave through the town, giving the youngest children balancing challenges, and challenging the older children on their bicycles. At the centre of the town the large spider rules. The spider and the slide make up the large climbing equipment, challenging and inspiring the older children and forming a visual contrast to the small cozy houses. Furthermore, the playground has a sandbox, swing frames for a bird’s nest swing and two common swings, and custom designed tables and benches.

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