The Snake in the Meldgård Forest

Kibæk, Denmark

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A large grass snake twists and turns on the forest floor. Inside the snake there is a long mazy tunnel in which you can hide from the other children when playing tag.

You can also hide from the adults, but there are many inlets and outlets so you must be quick to hide or learn how to squeeze into a corner. The body of the snake consists of boardings with approximately three cm spacing. This design makes the snake transparent and the spacing allows you to climb all over the snake body. The snake is a combined climbing and sliding playground equipment offering challenges and stomach stirs to all children. It is 22 meters long and 2.5 meters tall.


MONSTRUM has designed the Forest Snake and Thoreau’s cabin in cooperation with the graphic artist Søren Taaning for the Naturrum Skovsnogen. Naturrum Skovsnogen is a nature park under the Danish Outdoor Council in Meldgaard Forest in Jutland.

In addition to lending its name to the project, the snake is also a point of orientation in the forest that appeals to your imagination and portrays what is going at the bottom of the forest. The purpose of the Naturrum Skovsnogen is to promote new ways of experiencing a forest, in contrast to the common idea of nature and how it can be used. The intention is that the park conveys nature as new open land to be explored. A visit to the forest can appeal to your imagination and be the starting point for a family expedition or a fantasy journey. A partial aim of the project is to promote the idea that the visitor should notice what nature does to him or her. Trough the meeting with nature you might experience what effect it has on you, what it tells you, and maybe you are confronted with your own perspective on nature.

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