The Salmon

Halmstad, Sweden

The Hallarna Shopping Mall in Halmstad, Sweden now offers a playground experience on the exciting ocean for kids of all ages. It’s divided into two areas: The Shallow Waters for little kids to play in, with small houses and waterlilies on springs. On The Deep Waters enfolds a much more daring adventure. Meet the giant salmon or steer the fishing boat across the wild ocean. A challenge to explore for the bigger kids.

The big salmon is a beautiful design of color and shape. The fish can be climbed using the  climbing knobs on the side and the kids can use the slide on its side to slide down. The fish can be entered through the mouth or the hole in the side. The fish is swimming next to a boat, that is entangled in a fishing net and seaweed. The adventurous scene enables kids to move across the playground without touching the ground and play ‘The floor is lava’ and other games.

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