The Ladybird

Gentofte, Danmark

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This playground is designed like a small section of the forest floor with a ladybird, some branches, and some small rocks.

The Ladybird has a basket on its back where children can sit when they take off on thrilling adventures. The basket floor lies three levels above the ground at, respectively, 45, 90 and 120 cm. The basket and the slide can be reached by climbing inside the ladybird, or by using the climbing grips fitted on the outside. Or the rein can be used to climb across the Ladybird’s head


The Ladybird was created for the small kindergarten Elmegården in Gentofte, north of Copenhagen.
The institution wanted to keep the existing playhouse and connect it with a new playground equipment to create continuity and dynamism in the play.

There is a three x four meters playroom area inside the Ladybird, and some of the spots are windows. The Ladybird is built around a glue-laminated wooden frame bracket with larch tree boarding.
The double slide allows some children to climb up at the same time as other children are coming down. Thus, several children can use the slide at the same time without waiting for their turn. The slide begins at 160 cm above ground. An arch shaped bridge connects the ladybird with the playhouse. On the other side of the Ladybird, rocks and skinned tree trunks can be used as a the-ground-is-lava path. This path is connected to the Ladybird via a rolling tree trunk and a rope. The dimensions of the Ladybird: 450 × 340 × 160 cm.På den anden side ligger der i faldsandet nogle sten og afbarkede træstammer, der kan bruges som jorden-er-giftig-bane. En rullende træstamme og et tov forbinder banen med mariehønen.

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