The Humpback Whale

Emeryville, San Francisco, Californien, USA

The 15 m long humpback whale offers many exciting play features. The whale is climbable on both sides, and the tail is likewise designed with handles to climb across. The whale can be entered though several entrances, of which the mouth is a fascinating option. With its barders made out of rope, it can be a tricky and mysterious experience. Furthermore the pink insides of the whale will give the feeling of being swallowed by the whale. In here you can crawl deeper inside and experience the beautiful light, the wooden planks create – or climb up the top of the whale and enjoy the tickle in the belly while taking the ride down the slide.

The humpback whales have a special connection to the city as they often venture into the San Fransisco Bay and are sighted jumping up the water and sprouting high in the air.

The playground is certified according to American Standards and is also easy accessible for disabled kids.

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