The Bermuda Triangle

Copenhagen, Denmark

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A pilot has been on a long expedition across the Bermuda Triangle to investigate the many stories about the ships and planes mysteriously disappearing in the area.

The pilot turns around to reach home before dinner, when suddenly he loses control of his plane and drops into the sea. Here at the bottom of the sea you find his plane and other wrecks. Divers and fish swim around to explore the wrecks and find ways into, above and around them. The body of the plane is hollow so that you can climb into the cockpit and further out on the wing.


Nørrebroparken is a green zone in Copenhagen offering adventures for both children and adults. MONSTRUM participated in a renovation of the park and enjoyed the task of innovating a playground with challenges for the older children particularly. The playground was designed in cooperation with GHB Landscape Architects for the City of Copenhagen.

In another spot, the distressed survivors have managed to haul themselves onto a lifeboat. All of a sudden, a big playful whale shoots out of the sea right next to boat and makes it tilt dangerously. The survivors throw a rope to the whale so that it can take them into land.

Shortly after, the whale turns into a killer whale and turns its anger on the lifeboat. At the same time, crews of whale catchers appear to harpoon the whale.

The playground consists of a wrecked plane in two parts, the rear end of a galeon, a slide, swings, a whale, a life boat, a sandbox and many balancing challenges.

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