The Alphabet Playground

Hørsholm, Denmark

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Lots of giant letters are scattered all over the area, inspiring the children to play and have fun. The crazy, oversized letters have different sizes, colors and play opportunities.

The upside down big Y is a play house and has a slide down from the house roof. S, E and M represent a challenging balance course where you can walk tightrope and do somersaults. Z and R are bouncing letters with springs, but also function well as a bench for mom and dad while the kids explore the rest of the playground.


The Alphabet Playground is located at Kulturhuset Trommen in Hørsholm City Center, north of Copenhagen. Build in 2013. The letters create a connection to the library in Kulturhuset Trommen. They form a playground for children up to ten years and give the whole family the opportunity to explore the world of words and letters.

Words and phrases are brought into play as engravings in the letters, giving children and parents an opportunity to play word- and letter hunt. And who knows, maybe the playground will inspire children and parents to enter the building next door and visit the children’s library.

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