Varberg, Sweden

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A large haunted house, three fluttering bats and a dark forest inhabited by ghosts set the mood of the spooky ghost playground in Varberg.

The haunted house first catches the eye on the playground. The door is slightly ajar, allowing all brave children to sneak in and explore the house. The back of the ghost house is in ruin and you can look directly into the old hall. The stairs are still there. They lead to a balcony three meters above the ground. From here you have the perfect overview. Where do you want to go next? If things are getting too scary, you simply slide down the express slide and find a safer place. If you want to climb you can do so on one side of the house on a rope ladder and sneak in through the window and on to the balcony. Inside the house portraits of Swedish kings and queens are painted on the boards, framed in gold, off course.


In collaboration with designer Amalie Bo og David Gough, architect at Varberg Kommun, MONSTRUM has, designet this spooky playground for Societetsparken in Varberg, Sweden.

Three large bats are flapping around the house. Do you think they are dangerous? Fearless kids jump up on to the back of a bat, but beware they move around. You have to hold on tight. In order to reach the haunted house, one must go through the gloomy forest, where strange things happens. Between the large trees small white ghosts appear.They may be friendly. It is hard to say for sure! Trees and ghosts are connected by ropes and hammocks forming a maze in which children can balance, climb, hang, hide and catch each other in a giant game of ‘the floor is lava’.

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