Middle Ages in ‘Slotshaven’

Helsingborg, Sverige

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Would you like to travel back in time and experience Helsingborg in the Middle Ages? The playground shows a magical scenario of that time!

The ancient fortification encircling a commercial town, where the market is open. Fisherwoman stands and sell the catch of the day, the Earl’s son is practicing with his sword and the tower is filled with visitors running up the narrow stairs, up to the top view, before the take the big slide down.

Out of the wall is the medieval village placed with the old houses, the main square and narrow passages. Come and visit and see how they live.

If you come from the east, be careful! Here you will find the greatest nuisance of the Middle Ages, a giant rat. It has eaten well and has now become huge. If you are brave you can crawl  on the back of it and get a ride.


If you take a look in the Park you will see the big tower, ‘Stadkärnan’, in real size!

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