The journey to LEGO House

Billund, Denmark

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Are you having wanderlust, you have come to the right place! At LEGO House, MONSTRUM has made 9 playgrounds that tells about the journey to LEGO House. Imagine just arriving in hot air balloon, a rocket or maybe even with a submarine? Each playground tells a story with a little drama, each time with a new kind of vehicle.

The playgrounds are built at LEGO House in Billund, which is LEGO’s new adventure house designed by BIG architects. Their idea was to make 21 white LEGO bricks that not only make room for indoor activities but also create a wide range of linked roof terraces and public playgrounds.

Submarine and sea monster
Camel and Swings
Shark surfing
The suitcases
The hot air balloon
The forest ride
Empire State Building

Submarine and sea monster

Down on the seabed, the submarine strikes into a net and is hijacked by the large ocean monster that makes a hole in the side of the submarine. The suitcase has fallen out and the submarine is stuck in the net. Hurry up to save the submarine so we can reach the LEGO House!


The crashed hot air balloon

A bird flies into the air balloon on its way across the fields. The hot air balloon falls down and lands in the middle of a cornfield with 2 scarecrows on its side. All suitcases have fallen out of the air balloon. Come along and help!


The situation depicts the moment just before the rocket leaves the earth. The smoke from the rocket is spread in circles from the rocket and makes a large maze of clouds. Ruuun and reach the rocket before it leaves!

Shark surfing

WOW, now you are in deep water. Just as you and your friends are having fun on the many surfboards, the big shark appears in the water and take a bite of one of the surfboards. Hurry up on the bouncing surfboards! If you are really brave you can crawl into the mouth of the shark and count all his teeth?


The camel and the swings

It’s late and the camel enjoys the warmth of the sunset in the desert. Maybe you are tired? A ride on the camel or a beautiful rocking hike in the sunset is completely in place. On the camel, you can take a rest or maybe imagine being on adventure with a real camel!


The helicopter

Now it’s speedy! The helicopter flies very fast and makes a rush of air currents. Challenge your friends and find the small rings on the steel pipes – see who can first pull them through the track, but be careful not to hit the fast helicopter.

Friendly forest

Now we are walking. Take the family on a walk through the forest and follow the trail. Can you find small animals hidden in the trees? Make your own scene by the tent and take a picture of the whole family in the nice polaroid frame.

The sketches…

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