Petzi’s World

Copenhagen, Denmark

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The Danish cartoon series on Petzi tell about a life of adventure. Petzi and his friends sail their ship Mary to discover new land, solve problems for their new friends, build new things, trade, and play together.

In Tivoli in Copenhagen you can become part of the adventure.
Petzi and his friends have sailed their ship Mary to an island and now begin to explore the area. They do climbing, jumping, swinging and enjoy the splashing of water.
Mary is resting on the side on the island, which appears to be the hump of Petzi’s friend, the whale. Visitors are splashed with water when the whale blows through its breathing hole. There are drops and sprays of water everywhere on the playground.
Around the whale you find many funny challenges. You can jump from rock to rock in the shallow water around Mary’s hull and climb the low hanging ropes along the hull sides. You can also balance on the ropes in the shoreline, climb through barrels and play on a raft.
With ice and blue water, Pingonisia is the home of the penguins. It is an ideal spot for the youngest children. The water drops are tiny, and the slopes are very gentle. You can climb the floating chunks of ice and the gently curved rocks, and play in the tiny water splashes. Seats close to the playing area makes this an ideal resting place for the parents, who can easily observe the curiously playing small children in the enclosed area.

Tivoli’s major new initiative in 2010 was Petzi’s World. In cooperation with the prize wining American architect, Jumana J. Brodersen, and Tivoli’s architect, Jonathan Wright, MONSTRUM designed and built more than 30 new playground equipments for a 1.300 m2 large playground.
The area incorporates playing islands connected by rope ladders. Balancing equipment extends from the ship Mary, the submarine and the raft, and leads up to the nine meter tall lighthouse.

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