Odense Zoo


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The story takes place on the African savannah. The Lion Chunga lies comfortably, hiding from the small goats and dreaming of his next meal. Behind the grass you will see a glimpse of the old hut in the trees with two giant slides.

The old hut is also a place where school groups can come together and tell stories. In the evening there will be a faint light from the house which you might see when you drive past…  – I wonder who’s home?

The dangerous giant lion Chunga lies in the grass. He watches everything that moves. He lies with his wide-open mouth, so if you’re not careful he will maybe eat you. Inside the lion are small seats.

The savannah grass has a system of paths which you can climb in or maybe play hide-and-seek. When crawling over the leaves and up to the platform you discover a bridge leading to an old hut far out in the African savannah. From here you can see all over the world! When you have enjoyed the view, you can take one of the wild slides down.

The playground for the small kids is called ‘Gobi desert’. In the desert sand is the castle with its tall towers. A few windblown grass stands around the castle and a Land Rover parked outside. In the background you will see the tourist bus “Chunga Tours”.

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To the right is one of the first sketches to the playground. The opening with dancing and a little speech of the Zoo Director, Jens Odgaard Olsson, was in May 2016.

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