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Welcome to our playground in Liseberg, amusement park in Gothenburg! Swing in gigantic nets and climb as high as you dare (adults might be tempted too), and enjoy close encounters with solar reflections and giant birds.

In one of the towers you will find a big red climbing net that leads you to the roof. Explore the corridors and see if you can find a yarn or some cat paws. Maybe you will also find mirrors that makes beautiful reflections around the garden? The palace is an extension of the Victorian Garden in Liseberg and appears with many small ornaments. On the back is a rosebud carousel and a lot of flowers, and from here you can also climb into the palace.

Very close to the palace you will see the spiral tower. It has a spiral staircase inside and leads you up to the big bridge that takes you across the waterslide ‘Flume Ride’ and down under the great rollercoaster. Once you have crossed the suspension bridge, you will explore the giant bird cages.
Inside these you will meet the 4 canaries. Climb around from cage to cage and try the 18-meter long slide.

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The playground is specially designed for Liseberg and was finish in 2016. It is located in a beautiful Tivoli where both flowers and architecture are in focus.

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The Liseberg site was in 1821 bought by the Nonnen family. John Nonnen was passionate about gardens and was the one who took the ‘Dahlia’-flower to Sweden. On the back of the palace you will also see a lot of these Dahlia-flowers.



The bird cages are accessible for both adults and children. You arrive from the spiral staircase or from the suspension bridge.




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