Växjö, Sweden

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Both children and adults are drawn in this little Linné Universe, which shines both history and play at the same time.

Linneparken in Växjö is a beautifully landscaped park in Växjö, Sweden. The park is named after Carl von Linné, a Swedish botanist, zoologist and doctor. The playground therefore starts from the story of him and combines the Swedish furniture classics with Linnés passion for flowers.

The main element in the playground is the flower castle, which combines the golden age of Swedish furniture history, which begins during Linné’s time. Take a ride down the slide from the big closet, or climb up in the giant watch. The flower castle thrones beside a forest of ‘Fräken’ which is made for the children to climb around.

Next to the flower castle you will find Linné’s little cottage, which he himself called for his ‘palace in heaven’. Crawl inside and be inspired by the many flowers, or take a look at one of his many books.

If you want to make a scene, then try the silhouette figures from the 1700s. Take a snap shot or just imagine living in a completely different time.

The playground is made in collaboration with:

Annika Carlsson – illustrator, stage designer and industrial designer

ÅF Lighting at Frida Nordmark, lighting designer

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