Kristineberg Slottspark

Stockholm, Sweden

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The creepy crawling is all over the large playground in Kristinebergs Slottspark. The two giant owls, both 5.5 meters tall, are the king and the queen of the playground. They are ruling over a large slide area, tempting curious boys and girls to enter both long and short slides

The interiour of the owls offer different levels, stairs and ladders to climb on. In the evening the eyes of the owls glow, as they have light installed.
If the children want to play the built in chimes on the owl queen they do so by pressing the buttons on its side. All moving parts of the chimes are enclosed and inaccessible.
Next to the owls a large cluster of huge mushrooms grows. Ropes and bars connect all the mushrooms, some easy to use, others difficult. Everyone will have a challenge here. The slide in the largest mushroom begins in a height of 230 cm. It is one meter wide, offering space for two children in action at a time. In addition there is a large carousel mushroom ready to spin with just one passenger or more.
The beetles are the naughty bandits of the playground. They look dangerous, but when watching closer you realize that they are more fascinating than scaring. They are covered by beautiful patterns and colours, just like real beetles. The largest beetle is nearly nine meters long and four meters wide, leaving no doubt ‘who’ is the boss! Children can climb all over the beetles and inside one of them they find a large room with a wheelhouse, giving the children the power to direct the beetle in any direction.
A wheelchair can access the large beetle, and because the ramp is steep it is really fun. In general, the playground is designed to offer handicapped children fun activities.


Monstrum has designed a large playground for Kristinebergs Slottspark in Stockholm in collaboration with Nivå landskapsarkitektur. “What a succes the playground has become. The rumour has spread all over the the city. There are many people visiting during the week as well as during the the weekends…It is fantastic and we are very happy,” Ewa, Stockholms Stad

All over the areal small ants are crawling their way to the big anthill where they live. The anthill is a chaotic jumble of trunks and ropes in a huge stack. The trunks have different colours, building different routes with appropriate challenges for all. Inside the anthill you find a maze with both wide and narrow pathways, also possible to access in a wheelchair.
In the land of flowers you can sit in small nests and hammocks with your friends. The large flowers provide shade on hot days and shelter in the rain.
A flower box and three acorns form a play area for the youngest. The flower box is a large sandbox surrounded by a broad deck to sit on when you bake a sand cake. The acorns are playhouses and form small climbing frames for the children who dare.

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