The grasshopper in Espergærde


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A giant grasshopper has got lost in the gardener’s garden. The gardener ran away in fear of the grasshopper. See if you can find all the things he has forgotten: the water bowl, the garden hose or perhaps the rake?

The big grasshopper is 3 meters high, 8 meters long and 4 meters wide and serves as the main element for the playground. He is aimed at children in the age group 4-12 years, and offers numerous climbing opportunities both inside and outside.

The wings of the grasshopper is made of nets, which makes it easy for the kids to climb in. They can also climb on the ladder and enter the inside of the grasshopper where there is a small playhouse. The bravest of the children can take the trip down the grasshopper’s feelers, which serves as two tall fireman poles. You can also balance on the garden hose and explore the road through the garden.

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