Gorky Park

Moscow, Russia

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The proud ship S/S Oceanliner is on a long journey. Suddenly, a giant octopus rises from the deep blue sea and attacks the ship.

Already, the octopus has its long arms around the stern, and the children have to flee in all directions. Only the very bravest will stay to fight the big monster. Luckily, one can discern the light from a lighthouse in the distance. Help is near! Children can climb on the long arms of the dangerous octopus or play hide and seek in the stomach. They can also climb up the ladder and slide down a slide, so wide that two kids can go together.


The design of the large 13.5 meter long vessel is based on the magnificent 1930 Ocean Liners.

The ship is open on one side and you can get inside. When exploring the interiour of the ship you find the engine room, a ballroom, and the captain’s cabin. Around the ship and octopus you find blue waves to climb or relax on.
On a small island in the distance you catch a glimpse of the imposing lighthouse, lightening up the playground at night just like the full moon.

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