The Pond

Westfield, London

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The garden pond is a small, enclosed and idyllic place, where fish and frogs live side by side in great harmony. The water lilies float peacefully around in the pond along with the folded paper boats.

The small bridge, leads you from one bank of the pond to the other. Next to the bridge, a giant frog is sitting and croaking on a water lily leaf.

The children can climb inside the frog, and slide down the small slide in its back, or they can jump and rock in the water lily flowers on springs.

The carp with the large slide is a great place to play. They can play inside or climb on the outside of the carp, and slide down the fireman poles or the 2,5 m slide. From the fish’s tail, kids can climb and balance.

From climbing in to the paperboats, hiding and sliding down the sides, the children can continue the route to the water lily flowers.

The playground is built at Westfield, London.

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