The Crooked houses

Copenhagen, Denmark

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Back in the days in 1800-something, when Brumleby was located in the countryside there was a dairy and a slaughterhouse at Brumleby. The idea of the playground is to create a piece of this old Brumleby to remind us of its fantastic history.

At the same time the Brumleby playground had to be a pretty sight for the adults, and a fun place to play in for the little ones. Here, everything is allowed. There are climbing grips on the walls, slides from the windows, and balancing lanes from house to house. The children can rush in and out, and up ad down. All this without risking the safety. The playground also includes a combination of roll-over bars, seesaws and the-ground-is-lava-tracks.


Brumleby is one of Copenhagen’s architectonic culture gems. In 1997, Brumleby was awarded the Europa Nostras prize for its preservation and renovation. The objective of the playground is to add an element to Brumleby that would reflect the nature of the neighbourhood as well as turn everything topsy-turvy.

The Brumleby playground consists of three houses, a baker’s shop, and an ice-cream booth. The surface around the houses is cast rubber. A the-ground-is-lava snake has been set up next to the small village. Two of the snake bends give room for a swing set with a bird’s nest swing and two common swings.

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