At MONSTRUM we are a big team of builders, designers and architects.

The design of MONSTRUMS playgrounds are based on stories. The playgrounds must first of all inspire children to play and challenge their motor skills as well as their imagination. But MONSTRUMs easily recognizable playgrounds are more than just playgrounds. They are sculptures in the landscape and urban space, telling stories and makes people smile just by looking at them. In this way, they are landmarks of their surroundings, so both children and adults talk about “meeting at the parrot.”

The Process

We work with municipalities, landscape architects, institutions, museums and housing associations. Usually we start talking to the client about possibilities, timeframe, ideas and budget. Sometimes our clients already have a good theme for the playground. But mostly, we develop a concept and a story. Based on this story, we design the playground.
At MONSTRUM we are 24 artists, designers, architects, carpenters and builders working closely together on designing and manufacturing throughout the process. We develop the project through hand sketching and 3D modelling, with a focus on safety, play value and the story in play elements.

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