We design and produce unique playgrounds with a focus on artistic and architectural quality.

We create thematic playgrounds that fascinates and inspires both adults and children.

All our products are handmade of wood in our workshop in Copenhagen. Our skilled craftsmen and designers work closely together throughout the process, to ensure that our playgrounds are fun, safe and unique.

With a background in art and design, we create playgrounds, which are not just playhouses, slides and swings, but elements that initiates play by being a place with plenty of room for imagination.

Why play in a playhouse, if you can play in moon rockets, submarines, giant snail shells, clown heads or Trojan horses?


The beginning

MONSTRUM was founded in 2003 by the playful souls Ole Barslund Nielsen and Christian Jensen, who met through danish theaters, building set designs. The idea for the company occurred when the kindergarten, where Ole’s five year old son, Sixten Gustav, went to needed a new playground. Ole was part of the group of parents who was going to select the playground equipment.

“I realized that for the given budget I could make something that resembled theater scenography and gave better play opportunities than traditional concepts for playgrounds. My colleague, designer Christian Jensen, helped with the work, and it turned out to be a really nice playground. This playground became the foundation for MONSTRUM

– Ole Barslund Nielsen.

At MONSTRUM we are now 26 builders, designers and architects in our workshop in Copenhagen.

Awards and nominations

Best Playground in Stockholm2014 by Långe Eriks Förskola
German Design Award 2014, nominee
Beautiful place in Copenhagen 2013 awarded by the City of Copenhagen
INDEX, design to improve life award 2013, nominee
InnovationSTORM 2013, nominee
Danish Design Award 2012, winner
AOK, Best child experience in the Copenhagen 2012, winner.